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Someone thought it would be a fantastic joke to patch the system to print “14 losers” as an alternative. There ensued a great controversy, as some of the customers did not notably need to be referred to as losers to their faces every time they used the pc. For a while %keywords% several hackers struggled covertly, every altering the message behind the back of the others; any time you logged into the pc it was even money whether or not it would say “customers” or “losers”. Finally, someone tried the compromise “lusers”, and it stuck. Later one of the ITS machines supported luser as a request-for-help command.

Crypto Exchange – Program Support Assistant I Job In Tampa At Teco Energy

A person who knows how a complex piece of software program or hardware works (that is, who groks it); esp. somebody who can discover and fix bugs shortly in an emergency. Someone is a hacker if he or she has general hacking capability, however is a wizard with respect to one thing provided that she or he has specific detailed data of that factor. A good hacker might turn out to be a wizard for one thing given the time to review it. A one who is permitted to do issues forbidden to odd people; one who has wheel privileges on a system. A Unix skilled, esp. a Unix systems programmer.

Compare spod, pc geek, terminal junkie, warez d00dz. Implies that the weenie has put a serious investment of time, effort, and focus into the realm indicated; whether or not that is good or unhealthy is determined by the hearer’s judgment of how the speaker feels about that space.

A derogatory time period for anyone who engages in uncritical reward of Unix. Often showing in the context “silly Unix weenie”. See Weenix, Unix conspiracy. The TOPS-20 working system by DEC– the second proprietary OS for the PDP preferred by most PDP-10 hackers over TOPS-10 (that is, by those who weren’t ITS or WAITS partisans). TOPS-20 began in 1969 as Bolt, Beranek & Newman’s TENEX working system using special paging hardware.

However, it’s still important to pc architects and systems hackers (see system, sense 1), who use it to distinguish deterministically repeatable exceptions from timing-dependent ones (similar to I/O interrupts). [techspeak] Executable code, esp. a `pure code’ portion shared between multiple teco zap cap reviews situations of a program running in a multitasking OS. Textual materials within the mainstream sense; knowledge in odd ASCII or EBCDIC illustration (see flat-ASCII).

  • A sudden interruption in electrical service, sanity, continuity, or program function.
  • One who habitually gweeps in sense 1; a hacker.
  • [quite common; from German `glitschig’ to slide, via Yiddish `glitshen’, to slide or skid] 1.
  • Sometimes recoverable.
  • “I’m going to go gweep for a while. See you within the morning.” “I gweep from 8 PM till 3 AM during the week.” 2.
  • “He’s a tough-core gweep, mumbles code in his sleep.”

When a office teco zap cap reviews have employees who’ve been there for twenty to thirty years, you know the company is doing one thing proper. There are many times that the surge doesn’t even come from the facility traces.

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with locked up, wedged; compare hosed. A hung state is distinguished from crashed or down, the place this system or system can also be unusable but as a result of it isn’t working quite than as a result of it’s ready for one thing. However, the restoration from each situations is often the identical. It can be distinguished from the similar however more drastic state wedged – hung software program could be woken up with straightforward issues like interrupt keys, however wedged will want a kill -9 and even reboot.

Often connotes that the thing will be made extra solid Real Soon Now. This time period comes from the ensemble name of the unique solid of “Saturday Night Live”, the “Not Ready for Prime Time Players”. It has additional taste for hackers due %keywords% to the particular (though now semi-obsolescent) which means of prime time. [widespread] A user; esp. one who can also be a loser. (luser and loser are pronounced identically.) This word was coined around 1975 at MIT.

The shutdown of the lab’s last ITS machine in May 1990 marked the top of an era and sent old-time hackers into mourning nationwide (see high moby). A mythical teco zap cap reviews image of operating-system perfection worshiped by a weird, fervent retro-cult of old-time hackers and ex-customers (see troglodyte, sense 2).

A skeleton program, created by hand or by another program (like, say, a parser generator), which supplies the necessary incantations to set up some task and the management move to drive it (the time period driver is usually used synonymously). The consumer is supposed to fill in whatever code is needed to get real work done. This usage is common in the AI and Microsoft Windows worlds, and confuses Unix hackers.

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This usage is properly sufficient established that `Unix Wizard’ is a recognized job title at some companies and to most headhunters. See guru, lord high fixer.

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